Militant anti-Theism, hijacking science and Dawkins & Krauss on Redemption Radio

This February, Dr. Richard Dawkins and Dr. Lawrence Krauss joined forces at ASU's Gammage Auditorium in Tempe, Arizona.  They met to have a lively discussion on the topic of "something from nothing"-- which is an essential part of Krauss' newest book (A Universe from Nothing).  The house was packed and the energy was high.

Vocab Malone (Backpack Radio) and I were in attendance to listen to what was expected to be a very interesting discussion.  After attending the event we determined that we needed to do a radio program on the event and some of the underlying issues.  We could think of no better man to have on with us to confront Dawkins & Krauss than Dr. Jonathan Sarfati from Creation Ministries International (  Dr. Sarfati wrote a fantastic book refuting Dawkins called "The greatest hoax on earth?".

This show is fantastic!  It needs to be shared.  If you get an opportunity to hear this show or to listen to the actual lecture given at Gammage you will discover that these militant anti-thiests are not satisfied with discussion and debate- they deny that there is even a debate at all- they want your universities, hospitals, politics and... your children.

Check-out this audio and share it with your believing and Atheist friends and family!


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